The Trunk Monkey

Your Place for Trunk Monkey Videos!

This is now your one stop for all Trunk Monkey Videos! Check out Suburban Chevrolet’s and Suburban Ford’s Trunk Monkey!
Remember you only get a Trunk Monkey at Suburban Auto Group so stop by or shop online for awesome Trunk Monkey Merchandise! We have Trunk Monkey T-Shirts, Stuffed Animals, Bumper Stickers, Survival Guides, and much more!


  1. Where can I get my own trunk monkey? I want the theft deterrent one because there too many crackheads where I live.
    Will pay top dollar! Lol

  2. hey guys, i love your videos. i wish you great success sellings lots more trucks. fantastic customer satisfaction

  3. MORE TRUNK MONKEY VIDEOS!! By far, the best commercials ever!! I know if I lived in the area, I’d definitely by my truck from Suburban – just to keep the commercials going!

  4. I am a proud father of a beautiful daughter and I am wishing to order the Trunk Monkey Chaperone package for my vehicle. Do I have to purchase it with a new vehicle or can it be added to any vehicle. How much does that package cost? Does it come with bluetooth, I mean it seams everything comes with bluetooth these days.

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